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Australian Broker Network (ABN) is a national broker partnership providing cost-effective insurance advice and solutions for small-to-medium businesses and individuals across all of Australia. We are dedicated to helping you protect your business and personal assets through considered advice and the ability to leverage our scale with leading insurers and underwriting agencies.

At ABN our customers come first. We take a personal approach to each client: to evaluate all aspects of their business, their risks and their situation. We pride ourselves on understanding the details of our client's business needs today and for the future. Because we know our client's business we can ensure the right insurance cover by providing our clients with the right advice. We help our clients understand their insurance risk so they can make informed business decisions.
All of our clients have unique business needs and requirements, so we take the time to understand these needs, the industry and risks so that we can:

  • Negotiate on your behalf to provide the best policies and terms available to you;

  • Deliver quality, timely and cost-effective client services that are unique to your business situation; and

  • Act on your behalf to get claims paid quickly with your full entitlements.

The Australian Broker Network is recognised as one of Australia's leading risk management and insurance broker networks providing risk advice, insurance, risk management, financing and claims management solutions.

Why use a broker?

An insurance broker can save you time, money and worry. Just like an accountant or lawyer who provides you with professional advice, based on years of training and experience, a qualified broker can do the same with your insurance.

Insurance can be incredibly complicated to fully understand, and an insurance broker can help you understand the details of a policy and also work out what level of cover you need so that you are properly protected.

Using a broker doesn't necessarily cost more. Often it costs less because brokers have knowledge of the insurance market and the ability to negotiate competitive premiums on your behalf. In addition, because insurance brokers deal with a range of insurance companies directly, sometimes they can access policies that are not available to most consumers.

If the worst happens and you do have to make a claim, a broker will act on your behalf, liaising with the insurance company to negotiate the best possible outcome for the client. So whether it's home, car, life or business insurance, brokers are the best, most trusted sources of advice available to make sure you are properly protected.

What is an insurance broker?

An insurance broker is a professional adviser who is an expert in insurance and risk management.

Brokers work on behalf of their clients, not for insurance companies, and can be relied on to provide professional advice in your best interest.

A broker will help you identify your individual and/or business risks to help you decide the risks you will insure, and those you can manage in other ways. They specialise in one specific type of insurance or industry, or they may deal with many different types.

Brokers are aware of the terms and conditions, benefits and exclusions and costs of a wide range of competing insurance policies, so they are able to help you find the most appropriate cover for your own circumstances.

As well as arranging and placing cover with the chosen insurer on behalf of their clients, brokers also act on behalf of their clients in the event of a claim.

What's the difference?

Agents or advisers representing a particular company are only able to provide advice on that company's insurance products. Because brokers are not allied to any one company, but can instead explore a whole range of products and services available on the market, they are best placed to offer tailored advice, in your best interest.

Think of it this way: an insurance broker's foremost duty is to his or her client. They work for you, not for an insurance company