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Join Australian Broker Network to be a part of an exciting new broker distribution model. 

Too long has the equity in your business been taken advantage of with the pressure being placed on you to sell to the Network. 

At ABN we work for you and provide you the opportunity to have equity and ownership in the AFSL that supports you.  Partner with ABN and have ownership in your own license and the security of the future value in your business.

Become a Broker Partner to realise equity in the Network and enjoy lower license fees and earn revenue sharing from trust interest and insurer overrides.  Minimum GWP and earnings apply to be eligible.                     

Become a Broker Associate to join the Network and enjoy lower license fees on the way to becoming a Broker Partner when your business keeps growing.

At ABN we are building a network of specialist brokers that focus on insurance products, industries or geographical areas to better advise and serve customers.  This results in clients of ABN brokers knowing they are dealing with industry specialists.  Underwriters know they are dealing with quality advisors and brokers and have confidence to support you with product development and claims resolution.  We are system agnostic, minimising any transition issues in joining ABN.  ABN provide licensing, compliance, accounting, systems and underwriter access.  Optional benefits can include CRM, marketing automation, complaints management, website and social media management.  These all add to increase your business development opportunity and client retention. 

ABN has general insurance distribution, underwriter agency and discretionary mutual licensing options available to develop products and distribute direct to market.

Limited seats are available and Foundation Partner incentives apply for a limited time.

For more information please complete the enquiries form below and we will contact you for a discussion after completing a two-way confidentiality agreement.

Are you wanting to increase profits, reduce costs, apply for your own AFSL or are thinking of selling?

Join ABN to realise:

  • Partnership in a new broker model with equity options in the ABN Group

  • Lower license fees

  • Revenue sharing 

  • Increased profits

ABN can also talk to you about a purchase of your book and succession plans that will increase your net worth in a few years. 


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