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Home Warranty provides protection for homeowners, including body corporates, as a result of losses arising from defective and incomplete building work.

Home Owners Warranty is a product to be obtained by any licensed trades person, entering into a residential building contract with a homeowner or body corporate in New South Wales where the value is greater than $20,000.

Home Warranty is applied on the start date of residential building work and is active past the declared completion date. It covers all structural defects declared on the building contract for a six year period.

Examples of loss and damage can include insolvency, death or disappearance of the builder or where the builder’s licence has been suspended under the Home Building Act for failure to comply with a compensation order.

Additional coverage may include:

  • faulty design that was provided by the builder
  • early termination of the contract because of the builder’s wrongful failure/refusal to complete work
  • cost of alternative accommodation, removal and storage costs reasonably and necessarily incurred because of non-completion of work or breach of a statutory warranty
  • loss of a deposit or progress payment
  • reasonable costs incurred in seeking to recover compensation from the builder.

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About Australian Broker Network Home Warranty Hub

ABN, via the Home Warranty Hub, provides a premium wholesaling facility to the wider brokering community assisting them with their clients Home Warranty needs.

ABN provides an excellent service and a seamless application and administration support for you and your builders.

The ABN Home Warranty Hub provides up to date general advice, assistance, broking services, invoicing, and quotes. The hub can also act as an intermediary between the Broker, Homeowner, Builder and the Insurance Agent.

ABN has experienced home warranty specialists that have a total understanding of the product from the Home Owner’s, Broker’s, Insurance Agent and government’s perspective. Ensuring a quality service on all Home Warranty matters.

Our dedication to our customers is second to none. We are an easy to use service with a promise of 24 hours response time from the point of any application request. This includes all requests for eligibility, job application and general queries.

The Home Warranty Hub is a processing hub and does not compete with Brokers. Our primary objective is to process all Home Warranty eligibility and job applications, along with other exclusive tasks.

The Hub prioritises and maintains confidentiality for all tasks, queries and correspondence received. All communications are logged in secure servers and document management systems for our clients reassurance.

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