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What is CTP NSW?

Compulsory Third Party Insurance (CTP), also known as a Green Slip, is designed to protect you from the financial cost of injuring someone on our roads.

This includes loved ones in the car with you, other drivers, their passengers and even pedestrians. While some injuries are minor, others can be tragic - like children who might need medical assistance for the rest of their lives. Health care and support in cases like these can be expensive.

  • CTP insurance must be purchased before you can register your vehicle in NSW
  • It is mandatory as part of the NSW Motor Accidents Scheme,
  • which compensates people in the community injured in a car accident

It covers your liability, or whoever drives your car, for injuries caused to someone else in an accident, anywhere in Australia.

If your vehicle is not registered, you may be personally liable for any injuries you cause and other penalties may apply.

Our expert team understands the complexities of CTP and will support you to find quality and cost-effective CTP insurance products.

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