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ABN Unique services

Customised policies not publicly available

Anyone can sell you off-the-shelf insurance but ABN brokers have access to customised policies developed by the insurers, written exclusively for the network.

Australian Broker Network brokers are able to offer policies with greater coverage than a standard product, at market competitive pricing.

Market comparisons

ABN uses innovative technology which allows our brokers to quickly and thoroughly assess insurance products on offer.

This allows comprehensive comparisons on coverage, benefits, limitations and price of policies available from a range of insurers.

Championing your claims

If you make a claim and there happens to be an issue, your ABN broker can assist with escalating the matter.

Through solid relationships with its insurers, ABN has a depth of contact with the right decision-makers to get your voice heard and will champion well-evidenced claims on your behalf in an effort to achieve positive claims outcomes.

Choice of policies from over 100 insurers

We can access over 100 insurance providers locally and internationally.

This means we can find the right insurance for you and your business: from general business insurance cover to the niche and specialised products.

Choosing the right insurance broker

Like any other professional who you would go to in search of advice – such as doctors, lawyers and accountants – brokers are highly-qualified, objective insurance advisers and go through years of education and on-the-job training to earn those qualifications.

When selecting a broker, look out, particularly, for them to have earned their Qualified Practising Insurance Broker (QPIB), or Certified Insurance Professional (CIP) status. If in doubt, ask. Brokers will be happy to let you know of their qualifications and explain what it takes to attain them.

Australian Broker Network member brokers are duty bound to adhere to the Insurance Brokers Code of Practice. The Code sets out the minimum service standards you can expect when you use an insurance broker and outlines what you need to do in the unlikely event you have a complaint to make.

On top of this, brokers are required to show evidence of continued professional development on an annual basis in order to maintain their qualifications. The Australian Broker Network fulfil the above criteria, so you can be confident your insurance needs are in safe hands.

Our company

Through our licensed entities and our Broker Partners and Associates we are recognised as a leading advisor and provider of risk financing, insurance, risk management and claims management solutions to clients both nationally and internationally.

Australian Broker Network is a partnership of specialist brokers that advise on risk solutions particular to your specific needs, or have products and pricing that suit many generic needs of customers.

When you call us we can direct your need to a specific Broker Partner of the Network or a Broker close to you to arrange a conversation.

Our principle focus is that of developing partnerships with our clients, harnessing the experience and imagination of our people to deliver the cost effective and innovative solutions our clients need.

We provide a highly professional service to our clients, not only in the area of securing the best covers, in terms of price and security, but can offer a comprehensive risk and claims management service. We have arrangements with all major insurers, underwriting organisations locally and globally.

Having already developed innovative and imaginative insurance and risk solutions for many businesses we are constantly seeking new ways to combine the expertise of our highly experienced staff with the technology of today, to exploit new opportunities and services on behalf of our clients.

The Australian Broker Network focuses on servicing the detailed insurance needs of small-to-medium businesses. Our clients are the focus of everything we do, from providing exceptional client service to offering innovative and value added advice and products.

The right insurance

At ABN we know what is important to small and medium size business owners. We know the Insurance market and we know to give our clients the best insurance advice and products we need to understand our client’s business. That’s why at ABN we believe thorough preparation counts.

When you own or manage a business having the right insurance brings confidence and security, knowing that you have a strategy that protects your business and its assets from unexpected setbacks.

By working with your ABN broker you can rely on having the right coverage in place to keep your business up and running.

Your ABN broker will spend time with you discussing your business risks and requirements. They put their energy into really understanding your business and researching what’s available in the market.

Your broker will assess what insurances you may already hold, your business turnover and size, your operating history, and the nature of your industry, as well as how you manage risk.

ABN brokers tailor all kinds of policies to suit any business model. They can source the most suitable policies based on your budget and premium funding options, customise the policies further where necessary, then negotiate the best terms for you and secure the right cover.